Having valet service at your location or event will add a touch of class.  Valet service also contributes to hotel and restaurant ratings. Providing valet service to your guests is like having a concierge on duty at the front door.  Our knowledgeable staff will be able to provide directions and a solution to any service requested by your guests.

MVP services increase the safety of patrons by providing curbside service and eliminating the need for customers to walk to and from dimly lit parking areas. We also make the area safer for pedestrians by controlling the flow of traffic surrounding the venue; just our presence on the street makes the area safer. Midwest Valet Parking uses patrolled parking lots to ensure the safety of cars while parked.

Safeguards against drunk drivers
The valets at Midwest Valet Parking are trained to ensure the safety of our guests and those on the road. Therefore, it is our policy not to allow intoxicated drivers behind the wheel of a car. We are more than happy to provide guests with an alternative method of transportation to reach their destination.